Friday, June 6, 2008

The Month of May in Review

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The Month of May in Review

Since we were a little behind in our opening posts for the month of May. We thought we would refresh you with some of the latest happenings in the area during the past month. Enjoy!

THE SOURCE by Wolfgang PUCK - Where VIP's Dine

Welcome to the Newseum's brand new restaurant The Source is still attracting a long list of VIP's and celebrities. It helps that famed Chef and Owner Wolfgang Puck has been known to pop up at diners tables and check on their meals. This month, the restaurant hosted CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, and former House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt along with Philanthropists Catherine and Wayne Reynolds.

Miss DC 2008 Crowned at the Lincoln Theatre

Kate Marie Grinold was recently crowned as Miss DC 2008. Miss DC 2008 is a graduate of George Washington University and works as a manager of the Rugby boutique in Georgetown. Rugby boutique is one of Georgetown gems by the way, stop by if you are in the area.

Ms Grinold will be representing the Washington region in the upcoming Miss America Competition to be held in January.

In the teen department, Latin ballroom dancer Jasmine Alexis, was named Miss Outstanding Teen D.C. 2008. She will taken over the crown from former Miss Outstanding Teen D.C. 2007 Miss Caitlin Brunnell. Just so you know she is the daughter of former Skins quarterback Mark Brunnell.

Relationship News:

According to the Reliable Source (Washington

George Clooney and girlfriend Sarah Larson have called it quits. The much adored and sometimes cocky movie star, 47, and Las Vegas cocktail waitress turned so called model, 29, called it quits after a year of dating. This news undoubtedly triggered countless celebrations and text messages along with champagne toasts from Clooney's adoring female fans. Larson's appearance with Clooney at the Oscars fueled some rumors of an engagement, but he's back on the market ladies. When the actor sets foot in DC we will be sure to let you know.

Real Estate News:

Ristorante A.V. bids adieu

DC Real Estate Mogul Douglas Jemal 0r " just Jemal" as we call him. Bought out popular local traditional Italian restaurant called Ristorante A.V.

His purchase of this restaurant I felt was long over due, partly in fact to way he has been acquiring property and land in the area of late as if its going out of style. This classic restaurant was sitting on a prime location. With the addition of Mazu and Posh( and few other high end restaurants in the area, Ristorante A.V. days were numbered.

I do find solace in the fact, that the former owners of the location did not walk away empty handed. Reportedly the deal they received for the venue was more than agreeable to the owner. I hope to see another classic venue from the folks at Ristorante A.V.


As many of you know Platinum( (rape room as I call it)closed its doors in March, not just because of the long list of incidents and issues with the ABC Board. A drive by shooting occurred just feet away from the venue. Was I amazed when I first heard about it considering the sizable police presence every weekend on that corner of 9th and Fst NW. No not really, nothing against Abdul but has any venue control/owned by Abdul not had a large amount of shootouts and stabbings.

I am glad Marc has marketing focus away from Dream(Nightmare) because I thought he was trying to have more incident reports thanAbdul.

None the less the violence took place, and Platinum(Abdul Productions, Ii, Inc., t/a Platinum) locked and boarded its doors. have not heard the last from Mighty Abdul, in May Platinum reopened its doors for a few events.

How is this possible? Platinum was able to reopen with out alcohol. Did I type that right? Yes

According to Maria Delaney; Platinum’s ABC license is still under suspension. The establishment can be open for business without alcoholic beverages. The establishment cannot sell, serve, or deliver alcoholic beverages and patrons are prohibited from bringing their own alcoholic beverages into the establishment. I appreciate everyone’s concern and hope this clarifies the current status of this establishment.

This venue is not over yet, this will probably be another metaphoric and its gone through many transformations. We hear the venue is on the market for a reported 1.5 Million. Whose knows its neighbors next door at Ultrabar home to Panorama Productions might be eyeing the venue....we shall see..