Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Green Cup Polo Kick Off - Rooftop Party at BLT STEAK HOUSE

Green Cup Polo Kick Off - Rooftop Party - July 10Th

Tomorrow Thursday July 10Th, the First Chukker Polo Team and Green Cup Host Committee are throwing a Polo Party on the Rooftop of BLT Restaurant. Featuring Motown Music by the amazing Victor Chase Project.

The Green Cup Polo Cup is a polo competition played to raise awareness of environmental issues. This polo cup has benefited a wide range of beneficiaries, here are the ones for this year:

The Green Cup of Polo is Washington D.C.’s First Cleaner and Greener® Certified Event.

Leonardo Academy, a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to advancing sustainability through the competitive market, announced today that The Green Cup of Polo, is to be held in Potomac, Maryland on July 19, 2008, has earned event certification under Leonardo Academy’s Cleaner and Greener® Program.

Michael Arny, President of Leonardo Academy said, “The Green Cup of Polo is truly an innovative ‘green’ event in that it utilizes multiple eco-conscious strategies to increase awareness of a wide range of environmental issues. We commend The Green Cup of Polo for its far-reaching efforts to be a sustainable, carbon neutral event and for its financial support of key environmental organizations. This event has set an outstanding precedent for green events not only in the Washington DC area but across the nation. We would also like to thank Climate Clean for it generous donation of emission offsets to help make The Green Cup of Polo a Cleaner and Greener® Certified event. This is Leonardo Academy’s first experience working with both Climate Clean and The Green Cup of Polo organizers, and we look forward to building sustainability focused relationships with these groups in the future.”

The Cleaner and Greener® Program certifies events and organizations for reducing and offsetting emissions caused by energy use. This program addresses the full range of emissions that impact human health and contribute to climate change, including CO2, SO2, NOx, particulate matter, and mercury.

Sponsored by the Capitol Polo Club of Montgomery County, Maryland, The Green Cup of Polo is the first Cleaner and Greener® Certified event in the Washington DC area. Climate Clean ( has donated enough “intelligent offsets” – the company’s proprietary mix of all six greenhouse gases, sourced from emissions reductions projects including energy generation and efficiency, agriculture, and industrial gas abatement—to offset 100% of the CO2 and NOx emissions generated by this event.

Certification of the event is sponsored by The Solena Group (, a renewable energy company based in Washington D.C. that produces clean energy through plasma gasification technology and algae systems.

In addition to being certified carbon neutral, The Green Cup of Polo has incorporated significant green practices into nearly every component of the event. Key eco-conscious elements include printing on recycled paper with soy-based ink, serving organic and sustainably grown food and beverages, using biodegradable serving ware, extensive recycling and composting of event waste, t-shirts made from organic cotton and reusable VIP bags for event attendees, hiring an eco-friendly cleaning crew, and promoting green companies. Also, the outdoors nature of the event minimizes electricity consumption associated with event activities.

Equestrian Partners in Conservation: a nonprofitcreated to preserve the equestrian heritage and rural character of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Global Green: the U.S. arm of Green Cross International, which addresses three key challenges: stemming global climate change by creating green buildings and cities; eliminating weapons of mass destruction that threaten lives and the environment; and providing safe drinking water for the 2.4 billion people who lack access to clean water.

Live Green: which serves as an organization devoted to making eco-friendly and socially responsible living and business practices accessible, affordable and easy. Live Green serves as a liaison to consumers in search of green products, green jobs, sustainable food and eco-friendly services and to businesses that provide these services and that are looking for affordable alternatives to help green their operations

ACORE (American Council on Renewable Energy): a nonprofit based in Washington D.C., that works to advance renewable energy (including wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and biofuels, waste energy and hydropower) into the mainstream of America’s economy and lifestyle through collaborative research and communication EarthEcho International: a nonprofit organization that uses media and experiences to empower people to use resources that can restore and protect Earth’s ocean and freshwater systems

This event you don't want to miss, with well over 400 people already registered for this event. Space is filling up fast. The event will start at 6pm and continue until 11:30pm, guests will enjoy live music, cocktails and food, on the roof of BLT Steak (1625 Eye Street, NW).

The BLT Rooftop overlooks the White House and hosts up to 400 people.

A small donation is suggested to benefit the Green Cup’s beneficiaries.

The Green Cup Host Committee:
Dr. Robert Do & Mike Rubin (Chairs)
Sara Trab Nielsen, Neil Agate, Lydia L. Arshadi, Marcos Bignoli, Andrew Bullion, Peter Calfiura, Mia DeMezza, Pam Dubois, Liza Durant, Alycia Ebbinghaus, Adam Leighton, Tara McNamara, Charles Muldoon, Carolina Furukrona, Ray Regan, Nina Rinnerberger, Karen Simons, Pamela Lynne Sorensen, Juliana Stein, David Tobin, Agnes Velez, Rocio Velez, Tom Weirich, Derek Wilson

The First Chukker Polo Hosts:
Alan Adler, Amy Angelo, Tom Arundel, Robbie Banner, Cristina Beloud, Joanna Block, Andrew Bullion, John Cecchi, Tripp Donnelly, Charles Drew, Wesley Fricks, Kirsten Good, Mark Goode, Tom Goreman, Kate Griffin, Michael Smith Liss, Marcos Lopez, Dave Marra, Roby Penn, Roy Perry, Ray Regan, Joe Robert, Shawna Stout, Joe Warren, Kirk Wiles, Andy Wright

Dress: Polo Chic
When: 6pm - 11:30pm
Please RSVP for this event at

For more information on the The Green Cup of Polo - July 19,2008 - Please visit the following site:

Location Below:

BLT Steak
1625 Eye Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

(202) 689-8999