Tuesday, September 16, 2008

POP Champagne DC

POP Champagne DC

No this not a blog entry dedicated to everyone favorite bottle service, even though that is coming soon. This coming Thursday evening, Napoleon will be hosting a Pommery Champagne Tasting. Special thanks to Omar over at Napoleon Bistro & Lounge for the heads up.

POP champagne was created in 1999, Pommery was the first brand to introduce a quarter liter bottle of Champagne specially designed to be enjoyed with a straw. It's still the only .187liter champagne bottle that comes with an actual cork!

On Thursday Sept 18,2008 - Francois Hurtel, from Pommery will be on hand to guide guests as they sample some of the Champagnes from Pommery. Tasting starts at 7pm with an exclusive pairing from their Executive Chef, Arthur Ringel, after the champagne and treats to leave to early because you will miss the Sabre demonstration! During this event, they will be showcasing the exclusive 2002 Vintage GOLD POP. This one is not even sold in the United States! It's the only Vintage Champagne that comes in a .187 bottle!

This event will spark the beginning of the official launch of their Monthly Champagne Tastings which are slated to occur on the third Thursday of every month. Priority seating and admittance is given to guests on their mailing list first before opening reservations to the public. Total attendees will be capped at only 30 people. Parting POP gifts will be given to all those on their email list along with POP Champagne specials throughout the night.

(*Update* 9/17/08 - 8:00am - This event is now closed - You can still send in names and emails for the next event with Moet & Chandon)Please email us at litonevents@gmail.com - to be added to their mailing list.
This event will be held in "Metropolitan-Champagne Lounge" the downstairs level of Napoleon.

Napoleon Bistro & Lounge
1847 Columbia RD NW