Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama Elected 44th President - DC Parties in the Streets

Barak Obama Makes History - Takes Swing States and Defeats John McCain and Sarah Palin
News of the Day

Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois was elected last night as the nation's 44Th president, riding a reformist message of change and an inspirational exhortation of hope to become the first African American to ascend to the White House.
With dozens of Election Day parties in city from U Street as pictured all the way to Dupont Circle. DC citizens were out celebrating the win in ecstatic fashion.

It was truly a amazing site to see with people for all four corners of the city celebrating in the street and unlike times before in the city. There was no fights, just high fives and hugs. I have never seen, such a positive and happy mass of people, and unlike college everyone for the most part was behaving themselves. It felt like a huge city wide block party, with parties at Darlington House and Conn Ave letting out to become on happiest occasions we have seen in years. Let's hope the city and county continues with unity and good vibes as the year progresses.
This morning reports from all over the city have been coming in. We are being told that "The Washington Post" for Today has become more sought after then Redskins tickets. All we can say is this truly something to remember no matter what side you voted for.
Photo credit - ZEUL