Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fly Lounge DC | Introduces Frequent Flier VIP Card

Fly Lounge DC Introduces Frequent Flier VIP Card

Introducing the Fly Lounge Frequent Flier VIP Card!

This card will grant you front of the line access and waived cover charge every night. Including Inauguration Weekend! Plus you will receive 10% off table/bar tabs at all Fly Lounge locations.

With 4 million people coming to the city for this historic inauguration don't be stuck in line paying $100.00 each night. $250.00 get you this exclusive card (very limited quantities) with all the perks!

Guaranteed front of line access w/ No Cover
10% Discouent at all Fly Lounge locations forever
Invitation to private events and parties and many more perks.

Email for more information

Limited time offer:
Free NYE ticket included with each Frequent Flier Card a $50.00 savings

Fly Lounge DC
1802 Jefferson Place NW
Washington, DC