Wednesday, March 11, 2009

DC Tastings Journal has partnered with Yaku

DC Tastings Journal has partnered with Yaku Resto Lounge VA

James has done it again, after sitting down with the good folks over at Latin Concepts. He is hosting his first Arlington Tastings Journal event, with a 5 Courses menu with 13 choices plus a shot of Pisco and paired wine course for just $45. Yaku's menu features a fusion of Chinese and Peruvian cuisine developed by Chinese immigrants to Peru in the late 19th
and early 20th centuries. The venue is two blocks from the Courthouse Metro Stop.

(Opening Shot of Pisco)Tuna Tartar -- Fresh Ahi Ahi Tuna Seasoned with a Soy/Lime Sauce and drizzled with Wasabi and Spicy Mayo

Peruvian Salad -- Imported Peruvian Corn, Fresh cheeses, Tomatoes, Lima Beans and Green Olives

Wonton Soup -- Chicken Broth, Egg and Chinese Cabbage with of chicken and shrimp wonton dumplings

Oriental Salad -- Mixed greens, Mandarin Slices, Bean Sprouts, Toasted Peanuts and Cashew Nuts with Oriental Dressing

Gyoza -- Pan Fried dumplings filled with steamed vegetables

Novoandine Wontons -- Chicken and Quinoa Wonton with spicy sweet and sour sauce

Pork & Shrimp Shiumai -- Steamed Dumplings, Shitake Mushrooms and Scallions served with Hoi Sin Dip

(Paired Glass of Veramonte, Sauvignon Blanc or Marlena, Cabernet Sauvignon)

Seco de Carne --A traditional Peruvian dish of stewed beef and potatoes in a cilantro sauce.

Aji de Gallina -- Pulled chicken in aji amarillo cream over potatoes, parmesan cheese topped with roasted pecans

Wild Noodles -- Sautéed Noodles with onions, snow peas and peppers cooked over a hot wok served with your choice of shrimp,
chicken or pork.

Quinotto Vegetariano -- Vegetarian risotto made with quinoa, mushrooms, carrots, peas and peppers, topped with parmesan

Apple Wontons -- Crispy wonton filled with apple purée; served with vanilla bean ice cream
Banana Roll -- Crispy banana rolls served with coconut ice cream

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