Friday, May 1, 2009

Public Bar DC | Grand Opening May 1st | Midtown

Public Bar DC 1214 B 18th Street Former Club Five DC Now Open

Finally this storied venue is back open to the public. In what seems like years since Club Five parted ways with Tim and Hooman and the venue took a turn in the wrong direction. Until ultimately the venue was forced to close due to liquor violations and a police incident which I will not go into.

Now the 1214 has new life and the strip seems to jumping. With anchoring venues like Eighteenth Street Lounge and Fly Lounge around the corner. Public Bar steeps in to bring a something different for late night crowds in the Midtown area.

With ownership from the former Play Lounge DC and Velocity Five, the team behind this venue knows how to make venues work. For you regulars of the Club Five days you will notice major changes between the two venues.
The mission behind the venue is to become ".. the best bar and lounge that we can be in the city for sports and private nightlife entertainment." With that mission they are well on their way with a good selection of beer and comfort food.

Soon as you approach the front door you know there have been major changes inside. The entrance now features posh all glass doors, you will notice the check in booth/cover charge station has been removed for more entrance and exit space. The entire venue from floor to ceiling has received tons of paint and will be blown away at how clean and neat the design is in this venue.
As you ascend the freshly painted stairs and "secure railings" up to the first level. You will notice tons of open space. Where the DJ booth used to be, that area has been removed for beautiful veiws of Conn. Ave while you play arcade games or drink from the bar. The bar area features well over 10 flat screen TV's in unique mounting positons. Here is one thing about Public, it has tons of seating..yes regular there are no bottle miniumums on the first level. Along the walls you will notice tons of sports memorbilla and fresh dark orange paint adorn the walls.
This venue is designed and laid out very well with a focus on a becoming a bar for the public and the true sports fan. We will be updating this post with more information and reports from the grand opening weekend.
Public Bar DC
1214 B 18th Street NW DC