Saturday, August 8, 2009

GOREMY "ARLINGTON RAP" hosts party at K Street Lounge DC

GOREMY "ARLINGTON RAP" hosts party at K Street Lounge DC [8/7/2009]

Has it been 2 months since he released the viral Arlington rap video. I guess it has well you knew this time would come. After being featured on the Washington Post and various blog sites around the city. GoRemy's celebrity status has been rapidly growing. The viral video has even garnered a response video from the neighboring county of Fairfax with their own rap response.

It was only a matter of time before promoters seized the opportunity to capitalized on his popularity. This Saturday K Street Lounge along with Level Entertainment and DC Impulse are having him host their Saturday night party. We are surprised Shadow Room/Absolute Addition folks didn't grab him first.

1301 K Street N.W
Washington D.C.,
10:00PM -3:00AM
Free For Ladies until Midnight
Dress Code: Trendy, Fashionable
Music: Hip Hop/Top40/Dance
21+ Event