Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Aria Sky Villa | Live the Highlife in Vegas

Aria Sky Villa | Live the Highlife in Vegas

Designed by Peter Marino. The designer responsible for Andy Warhol's townhouse and Paris' Louis Vuitton flagship store. The Aria's new 7000sq ft of two-story hotel suite is equipped with a gold staircase and 15 rooms that include a billiards table in the den area. It also features a steam room/sauna, mini-gym, library, full kitchen, and living room with a giant marble wall and fireplace.

In Dubai burj fashion the bath products are Hermes, a 24/7 butler is available for you every need, and a limo is on standby for you. Motion sensors notify flatscreens to flick on when you enter the room and let you set your preferences, from when to auto-open/close the curtains, to what time to turn on TVs.

This is a suite that you have experience.

Aria Sky Villa
3730 Las Vegas Blvd S;