Thursday, March 4, 2010

KUSHI Grand Opening DC - 3-4-2010

KUSHI Grand Opening DC - 3-4-2010 New Japanese Restaurant

Welcome Kushi to the District Resturant Mix, this open space restaurant features a huge robata in the middle of the venue. Kushi is meant to reminds diners of the feudal Izakaya which was a small pub that sprung up in the 15th century to serve peasants traveling to Toyko.

The sushi at this venue will give some of your favorite spots some serious competition. The fish is flown in twice a week from a special Tokyo fish market.

KUSHI's sushi is meant to be very clean and simple, with maki similar to lump crab and pickled daikon, and nigiri/sashimi like squid legs, geoduck, fluke fin, and fatty tuna offerings.

If you are in the mood for cooked options they offer skewered Berkshire pork belly, Wagyu short ribs, robata-skewered Moulard duck thigh, and Heritage Breed chicken breast served with marinated cod roe. On tap are well over 20 beers varying from Hitachino Nest to Rogue's Morimoto Soba Ale), also there is wide selection of hard liquor options from Ken "Sword" Junmai Daiginjo sake to Ryukyu Ohcho shochu.

465 K St NW
Mt Vernon Square