Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Skybar Opens in Las Vegas | Rooftop Pool Party

Skybar Opens in Las Vegas Rooftop Pool Party

In the ever expanding Las Vegas pool party market, there is a new comer in town. The brand new Skybar opens this weekend, promising to give Vegas pool scene another boost.

The Skybar in the Hard Rock Hotel's new night-friendly pool deck, and the this is third pool scheduled to open in the next few weeks.

Basically, it's the missing link between Rehab's poolside decadence and Vanity's clubland hijinks—conveniently sandwiched right between the two. And while it's a reliable, mellow oasis by day, you'll want to stop by on the later side—it's open through midnight—for a touch of alfresco lounging.

So when Rehab winds down, you can lead your entourage over to the west pool, up a well-hidden back staircase and towards a gloriously sun-dappled roof deck pool where you can keep things going without even toweling off. Once you're there, scope out the scene, grab a Dark and Stormy, and nosh on some savory bites from downstairs. Later, head back downstairs, past the dish-shaped infinity pool, and look through one of the ceiling peepholes for a bottoms-up view of the upstairs pool (it's the good kind of glass ceiling).

And if you need to transition to a landlocked party, there's a long walkway that takes you directly into the mega-club funhouse that is Vanity. Which should give you time to get reacquainted with dry land.

Skybar, opens Apr 16 at the Hard Rock Hotel, 702-693-5000

Skybar at the Hard Rock Hotel
4455 Paradise Road(at E Harmon Ave)
Las Vegas, NV 89169