Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beat Refinery to Launch New Series of Classes

Beat Refinery to Launch New Series of Classes

Advanced Classes to Begin June 21st at the Bethesda Bach to Rock

DJ I-DeeBethesda, MD—Chris Stiles (DJ Stylus Chris) and Brian Sadiarin, (DJ Geometrix) directors of B2R’s DJ school, Beat Refinery, are pleased to announce a new series of classes to begin June 21, 2010. The program which first rolled out 2 months ago began with Basic DJ Techniques along with Scratching and Turntablism 101. The next installment includes Intermediate DJ Techniques as well as Scratching and Turntablism 202. World Champion DJ and Recording Artist, DJ I-Dee will be joining the Faculty to teach these more developed classes.

You can find out more about DJ I-Dee at http://www.facebook.com/deejayidee . The Bethesda B2R is located at 4819 Saint Elmo Avenue, Bethesda, MD.

“We could not be more pleased with the early success and interest in the program,” said Stiles. "We put a great deal of thought in how we wanted to create a DJ School that not only teaches the foundations and fundamentals of being a DJ, but also opens up our students to all the creative possibilities"

Intermediate DJ Techniques along with Scratching and Turntablism 202 are open not just to Beat Refinery students but also to experienced DJs.

"Seasoned DJs can also benefit from the Beat Refinery's Intermediate and Advanced courses,” says Stiles. “With the ever changing technologies in so many fields, professionals are constantly required to evolve and adapt and DJing is not excluded from this".

Intermediate DJ Techniques allows students to dive a bit deeper into what it takes to become a great DJ. Move from novice to mid-level skills in all facets of the turntables. Learn about trick mixing, intermediate Scratching and

Mixing as well as Music Programming and Multi Genre Mixing. Become more adept with Serato Scratch Live® and its functionality. Entry level Remixing, Editing and Production tools will also be explored.

Scratching and Turntablism 202 tackles the advanced techniques of turntable manipulation. Learn all the difficult scratches along with becoming a beat maker with just a needle and a record. Get familiar with DJing's form of written music, Scratch Notation, and hone your skills.

For more information on programs and registration visit http://www.beatrefinery.com

About Beat Refinery

Dedicated to teaching all facets of being a DJ by combining traditional methods alongside the ever changing technology, the Beat Refinery is committed to developing the next great superstar DJ's. The Beat Refinery focuses on an in depth study and philosophy of music that until just recently would have taken years to achieve. Beat Refinery offers classes from turntabalism, to electronic music production and recording technologies and has levels for those wanting to become professionals to those who want to just mix party music for friends. Students begin with the basics and move from set up and controls to scratch techniques to advanced Serato and music theory. They learn production and editing techniques as well as the basics of choosing and organizing music for gigs. The program is for students of all ages who have a passion for music and want to make the DJ platform their instrument. DJs coming in with more experience can hone their skills with state of the art playing and recording equipment and try out new techniques and musical styles.

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About Bach to Rock
Bach to Rock is a music education program for students of all ages from early childhood through high school and beyond. The B2R system is based on the belief that learning music is fun and students learn best when they play music they enjoy. Weekly ensemble instruction and jam sessions lead to public concerts, Battle of the Bands and recording sessions in B2R’s professional recording studios. B2R builds technique, fosters teamwork and enhances self esteem through private lessons, band instruction, and public performance. Schools are located in Bethesda, Maryland, Gaithersburg, Maryland, McLean, Virginia, Herndon, Virginia, South Riding, Virginia, and Lansdowne, Virginia. For more information visit www.b2rmusic.com or call 1.877.B2R.8558 (1.877.227.8558).