Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Art Soiree at Georgetown,DC L2 Lounge | 10.22.2O1O

Experience the Opening Night Of CHALLENGE, INSPIRATION AND EXPERIENCE by Wendy Wang - Aleksandra Katargina - Emma O'Rourke . This event will take place in DC’s most upscale evening establishment – L2 Lounge – as we combine an electric mix of female artists from various genres of art at our first Art Soiree exhibit of the season. The night will feature artwork by three local female painters, live music and performances. The exhibit is also devoted to support and promotion of breast cancer awareness: 10% OF PROCEEDS FROM ART SALES WILL BENEFIT SUSAN G. KOMEN FOR CURE

Coming from different artistic backgrounds, with different visions these female artists are challenged to interpret life, to share their experience and to inspire conversation through their art.

Emma O’Rourke began drawing and painting before she could talk. Born in London in 1970, she was barely three years old when she had her first works exhibited at the Ben Uri Gallery. However, forced to choose a more commercial form of art, O’Rourke studied fashion at St. Martins. She practiced a freelance career in creative direction, painting, photography, styling and logo design for music bands such as 'Two Unlimited', 'Incognito', 'Acid Jazz Records', Metamorphosis, Melanie Blatt for 'All Saints'. In 1993 she 'got a real job' as an Art Director in advertising, working with blue chip clients including Coca-Cola, Bacardi, Martini, Perrier and
Fosters. Around 2000, O’Rourke chose to realize her dream to paint, and gave up working in Advertising full time, when she moved to the US. O'Rourke's paintings synthesize the urban with the natural, ephemeral, ethereal and transcendental. Painting flowers and shells to symbolize harmony in our chaotic world, O’Rourke sees how heavenly serendipity weaves karmically throughout life.

She has shown her work internationally and currently paints at her studio at the Jackson Art Center in DC. O'Rourke is represented by the Modern Artists Gallery and the Catto Gallery in Great Britain, and the Ralls Collection in Washington DC.

Aleksandra Katargina was born in Russia. She enjoyed drawing since a very young age. During her early years she was exposed to many of the great Russian realism masters of 19th century. Through these cultural treasures of Russian art she developed a strong appreciation for tradition and technique. She moved to United States in 2001. In 2008, she received her BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art and is currently pursuing her MFA at Towson University. Her paintings are narratives that entice the viewer, while still leaving room for interpretation. She often uses classical literature and folklore as the basis for her work. Behind this she conceals her response to contemporary social issues. Her urge to hide behind an imaginative world often reflects her distress with reality. The human form inside of an imaginary landscape is a reoccurring theme in her work. Aleksandra believes that the human form is a universal language with the ability to express the emotional content that everyone can relate to. While realistic manner of style brings a sense of vitality and life to her art.

Wendy Wang is an up-and-coming young local artist. Primarily self-taught, Wang had a love for realism from an early age, and displayed a talent that drew her admirers from all over the nation. Even as she pursued a career on Capitol Hill, Wendy never stopped painting. Painting a variety of different subject matters, Wang finds her great joy in portraiture, as it gives her an ability to preserve each subject's unique personality for posterity. She takes her art to a different level through constantly challenging herself to keep the tradition of portraiture with addition of modern interpretations. Her paintings inspire stories and her carefully chosen subjects arise conversation. She has displayed at various Washington metropolitan area galleries and is a member of the Art League of Alexandria; National Oil & Acrylic Painter's Society and the Portrait Society of America.

WHEN: Friday, October 22nd 7pm-10pm ($10 cover)
WHERE: L2 Lounge,
3315 Cady’s Alley NW,
Washington DC 20007 (33rd & M Street)