Thursday, January 13, 2011



Join us at DC’s most upscale evening establishment – L2 Lounge – as we enter the world of art based on emotional understandings, on the feelings of the unknown, on the faith of what is spiritually profound at a solo exhibit by Don Patron, for who Art lies behind the visible and the tangible..

For this collection Don Patron chose to create modern portraits of Philanthropists in Washington DC. “These Charitable souls, like the stars, are observed in our City and we are guided by them. Yet, these individuals are never the focus of the charity they dedicate their lives to... They are leaders but place others before themselves. They make tangible the hopes of our American Society Dreams... It is my honor to paint the light of these stars as they illuminate, not only my daily life, but all others their strong identities cast a light over.” – D.P.

Don Patron grew up in a Humanitarian family that espoused the freedom of expression of oneself in the creative fields. He is a self-taught art history enthusiast, who has translated his gifts to multiple areas of art, including fashion, photography, events and painting. Using his unique capability as a Synesthete, Patron applies the gift of hearing color and seeing sound, as a way to associate feelings and emotions with colors and, contributing to his passion for capturing humanism and bring vibrant movement and light to all of his pieces. As a painter and artist, his mission has been to bring more truths about the world that we live in to the community in a beautiful way. Come and enjoy an evening of great ambiance in the company of internationally minded, socially established, and artistically inclined strata of Washingtonians and find out whose portraits made this carefully picked Stellar Constellation Collection…

Dress code: Fashionable cocktail attire
Guests can park their cars in the Dean & Deluca parking lot
Thursday, January 13 · 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Entrance fee: $10 from 7pm-11pm and $30 after 11pm
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L2 Lounge
3315 Cady's Alley (33rd and M Street)
Washington, DC