Monday, January 28, 2013

Local House Legend SAEED YOUNAN has signed to TRAFFIK Management

A world class globe-trotting DJ, a recording artists, a sought-after remix producers, and head of his own record label 'Younan Music', Saeed Younan has excelled as a true artist in the global dance scene. Without showing complacency, Saeed Younan does not cease to amaze, always looking to astound.

Saeed is a name that has played in almost every corner of the world, his releases have feeded the major labels Toolroom, Great Stuff, Yoshitoshi, Stealth, Stereo, Spinnin, Subliminal, ViVA Music, Juicy and many more..  a man who has kept himself in the top for over 17 years and has archive with plenty of awards in that time period.

After to start the 2013 with his own showcase at 'The BPM Festival' for second year on a row, catch Saeed this weekend at the worlds largest floating dance music festival, 'Groove Cruise'. More gigs are also to be announced soon around Miami, Toronto, Washington, Argentina, Mexico.

DJ Touring Calender:

Jan 18 @ TEKA - Lima Lounge DC   -   Washington, DC United States
Jan 25 @ Groove Cruise - Miami,FL United States
Feb 08 @  - Lima Lounge DC  -  Washington, DC United States
Mar 02 @ Monarchy  - West Palm Beach, United States
Mar 08 @ TEKA  - Lima Lounge DC -  Washington, DC United States
Mar 09 @ Footwork -  Toronto, Canada
Mar 15 @ Winter Music Conference - Miami,FL United States
Mar 16 @ Winter Music Conference - Miami,FL United States
Mar 17@ Winter Music Conference - Miami,FL United States