Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dubai | Coming to the Metro Area

DUBAI - The Famed Desert Island - Coming to Maryland?

Known for its seven star hotels and record breaking skyscrappers. As one of seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) it features well over 400 resturants and tax free shopping along with a indoor ski resort. The New York Times in 2008 listed Dubai as the number one spot to travel to for nightlife in the world. This might have before the latest regulation of outdoor parties that closed some of Dubai iconic nightclubs.

Club owner John Han is trying to bring that same level of luxuxy to Baltimore nightlife.

According to reports following the opening success of Palma Nightclub, the celebrity driven megaclub in Batimore. John Han has decided to pull Marc Barnes and take over property near his current venue.

In the latest club endavor from John Han (Palma) and Palma Management Group they have acquired the space at 10 N. Calvert St. Baltimore MD 21202 the former resturant space across the street from Palma. Palma Management Group has transformed it into their latest club creation named "DUBAI Lounge & Nightclub".

This Saturday, is the Grand Opening for the venue its being hosted by our Bmore Promotion Princess Heidi (HEIDNSEEK ENTERTAINMENT) and MIX 106.5.

DJ's TJ Roberts and Priestly will mixing the party. This should be another interesting entry into the Baltimore Nightlife Scene