Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gilbert Arenas's 1 Million Dollar Pool

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This is the first in a upcoming series of post, that will highlight to the world that this recession talk is just talk(hmmm).

As first reported by the Washington Post Sports Blog, our friend Gilbert Arenas, has been building for the past few months a massive pool in his backyard, that will rival Hef's mansion pool on the west coast.

There have been reports that this will be largest residential pool in the nation. Now as we all know Gilbert is fresh off his, 111 million dollar contract with the Wizards. Please note that Gilbert gave a significant amount of his contract back before he signed on the dotted line.

Now before everyone jumps on the bandwagon of why he wastes so much money on a pool. Lets remember that Gilbert gives a significant amount yearly to various charities in the area. This story, we know is going to become viral in a few days, so just get ready to see this on your local news stations and ESPN.

Now when considering the amount reportedly spent on this pool. One million is not a lot in some circles for your toys. Consider the Veyron Bugatti or latest Airbus being customized for a certain customer in the middle east.
Dropping a million is not something new to Gilbert who rarely spends on his money on expensive tables at local lounges...(cough cough). Even though his over the top 25TH birthday bash at LOVE, which was reportedly funded by close to a million dollars from his bank account. The party featured models flown in from the west coast along with guests, complete floors of hotels rented out for the weekend. Not to mention a fleet of Phantoms and an customized Lambo by Designo Motoring featured at the party with a Top 10 list of hip hop stars performing.

Consider these excerpts from the Bog:

* The stone for the "mountain" cost nearly half a million dollars.

* There are three different fish tanks, one going in the "grotto," one in the front hall, and one in the basement. Their normal retail price would have been about another half-million.

* The tank in the basement will have a recess with a couch in it so Gilbert can "relax and look up at the fish."
*Bull Sharks are scheduled to be added to the tank once its finished.

Please keep in mind that photos are not the finished product. You will have to receive a invite to his pad to see the completed pool. We can already imagine the pool parties that will happen next year when his Great Falls neighbors Fred Smoot, Gilbert Arenas, Clinton Portis and Shawn Springs host a party at the pool.

Yes this is a flat screen mounted in the wall of the stone mountain, that will feature a bar around it. More info to come.. stay tuned..

We have added a video of the Photo Shoot Gilbert had with our friend Doug and Nick at 8112 Studios in his backyard. Just look at some of his old toys.

Photo shoot with Gilbert Arenas