Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuscana Lounge | Grand Opening or ReOpening - August 15th | www.tuscanalounge.com

Tuscana Lounge DC Grand Opening - October 4th www.tuscanalounge.com

After quietly fading away from the DC lounge scene in the K street corridor. The venue known as Tuscana West (Parasi, Inc ) at 1350 I St. is now reemerging as Tuscana Lounge. You may have remembered this venue for its very successful nights under the name Diva. Diva featured some successful Latin parties back in the day before the focus switched to more urban parties.

The venue is currently on a massive ad campaign with the new name and interior. With a brand new facebook and myspace page, along with postings on just about every DC message board. Tuscana lounge is hoping to generate some massive buzz for their Oct 4th Grand Opening date. With this launch they have turned to veteran nightlife expert and close friend Masoud A. After seeing his success at Dream and continued success with Lima, Masoud has been brought on board to make the venue another hot lounge location. For more info on the grand opening - Please contact Masoud A. at 202-271-9665 or you can e-mail him at masoud@masouda.com.

With stiff competition from entrenched lounges like Lima and The Park along with new venues like Josephine and Tattoo. Tusucana re-entry into the K street lounge scene should be something to see, the interior of the lounge venue has been completely redone with new furniture and decorations. We are hoping these changes allows this venue to become successful.

As some of your might remember, owner Gholam H. Kowkabi of Parasi, Inc. was involved in little tax mix up back in 2005, which resulted in the sale of a couple of his ventures including Home Nightclub to group of investors and now its called Ultrabar. Now that Mr. Kowkabi has taken care of his mistakes, he is looking to get back to business. Tony is now running the show at Tuscana West with the new venture of Tuscana Lounge open to catch some of the crowds that have flooded the K street corridor on weekends.

Tuscana Lounge
1350 I ST. NW DC
Washington, DC