Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Current Lounge DC | Former Dragonfly Lounge

CURRENT DC Grand Opening Coming Soon Current DC - Formerly Dragonfly Sushi Bar and Lounge www.current-dc.com

To understand the buzz behind this venue, you had to have frequented the former lounge that occupied this address before it was Current. Then you just might understand why, one venue has been so widely anticipated.

Construction shot - Notice the Wally* inspired stairs in the background. Most of the venue draws from the sleek designs of the Wally yachts. These yachts have been my favorite since seeing their designs in the movie The Island, then in person at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Dragonfly Sushi Bar, was known for its amazing sushi, with a fun and loving staff and management, in addition to being known for having some of the funkiest house and electro dj's in the county spinning up stairs in the lounge.

Personally, I am happy to finally seeing this venue catching the tide...(just had to). After some turnover in the direction and management of the venue. New investors and management have stepped in and corrected the financial and legal issues with the venue. With opening date being pushed back various times since early February, seeing this venue open its doors will definitely be a good sign.

As some may know, it was the general consensus that Current was going to be controlled by the same folks across Conn Ave at Fly Lounge. Well after a change in management at Fly Lounge due to some legal and currency issues, Current will now be a separate venue onto itself. The management team at Current now includes nightlife veteran Mood Bacho (Indebleu-Tantra) who will manage the venue.

::::::::: Lounge Details ::::::::::::

This Friday, nightlife promotional veterans JetSet Mafia are on board to host a soft opening for the venue. The promotional lineup hosts a "who -who" list of areas top promoters.
The weekly lineup is as follows Thursdays will be handled by Eric at Elund Events along with Das and Absolute Addiction. On Fridays starting next week, JetSet Mafia will handle Fridays at the venue and Saturdays are going to be handled by DC A-List (Walid Karim and Anoosh Jawanian).

With an intense blog chatter about the direction of the venue and when it will reopen since the day it first closed it doors, the wait is now over. It has been the subject for months on the Washington Post Nightlife blog and chat room, local bloggers all over the metro area have also contributed to the buzz.

Here are some of the details about venue, now mind you the word of the day is patience. It has been close to 8 months, that this venue has been dragging along. When we hosting weekly events at Play Lounge - we were granted a special tour of the venue and were sworn to secrecy on the some of the details inside the venue. We can't begin to count the number of people who used to walk up to Play and ask is this the new Current? Keep in the mind this was last November and December. Now we are privileged to reveal some of the juicy details about the venue.

The standard procedure for lounges and clubs opening up recently is table service (bottle service), and Current does not disappoint. With close to thirty tables available for bottle service even surpassing Josephine's table count of 25. For those who love bottle service this venue promises to offer a level of DC bottle service customers come to expect. The table minimums for eight people will be $500, which is in line with most upscale lounges in the area. The main table with amazing view of Conn. Ave, the area which used to house the DJ booth, will be going for $2,000 for twenty people.

The sushi chefs from Dragonfly agreed to stay on board, so plan to expect the same level of sushi from Current.

Thang Le the former sous chef at Komi and Momofuku (NYC) in will be joining the crew in the kitchen. So expect some surprises when you get a glance at Current's menu. Current will open its doors at 5pm weekly, were you can enjoy the amazing sushi and sake pairings.

We are not sure if the Funnel Cakes made the late night menu but we will keep you updated. If you need more information on this venue or have questions: please email us at litonevents@gmail.com.

Josh B.

Current DC Lounge
1215 Connecticut Avenue
Washington, DC
Phone - 202.331.1775