Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gin & Tonic - Glover Park - Washington, DC | Former Grog and Tankard

Gin & Tonic - Glover Park - Washington, DC Former Grog and Tankard 9.13.08

Gin and Tonic softly opened on 9/12/08 in the former space that housed Grog and Tankard. You may the remember the former bar for its dive bar qualities.

"We brought all kinds of music there, but they were the kind of bands that didn't dedicate their time to the music over the years, practicing and getting better," said Khaled Hossainkhail, who goes by Colin Hoss at the club and is the booking agent, the sound engineer and a brother of the owner. At the Grog, "when most bands get together, they get together for fun. Former owner Hossainkhail who in 1984 brought live music to the Grog, which opened in 1964, Abdul's two brothers, Khaled and Hammed assisted in running the venue.

Now things have changed. Now under the Tavern Concepts umbrella controlled by Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld (of Latin Concepts), similar to the Latin Concepts parent company. Mauricio is hoping to do with Tavern, what he has accomplished with other lounges in the last few years.

Georgetown fixture Fritz Brogan has joined forces with Lounge guru Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld (Latin Concepts) in creating Gin & Tonic, in Glover Park area. The venue will feature leather seats, 14 beers on tap and a certain preppy vibe that is par for the area. The old concrete floor has been tiled and new furniture added for those who want to sit and have a bite with their Gin and Tonic's..couldn't resist.

(Photo Credit - Kate Michael)

On Tuesday night the Grand Opening will be co-hosted by Capitol File Magazine and Bombay Sapphire .

Gin & Tonic ( Tavern Concepts)
Glover Park Neighborhood
2408 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20050
2008 Tavern Concepts