Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Eyebar Lounge - Club | DC | Re - Launch | www.eyebardc.com

Eyebar Lounge and Bar DC Re - Launch This Week http://www.eyebardc.com/

After launching in middle of 2004, Eyebar was the place to be, with lines down the street and the area's top promoters from Panorama and Masoud A to DC A-List hosting various nights at the venue. Each night was a different flavor and the venue was always at capacity each night with amazing interior. As time passed new venues opened up, with new themes and crowds begin to wain, along with the crowds the venue began to show signs of all the years of hard partyin that occured six nights a week.

With Lima conducting renovations and the neighboring Karma now transformed into Skye Lounge, Eyebar decided now was the time to breath fresh air into Eyebar. The orginial team is still there along with some new investors in the venue. The venue now features a elevated table section with new color schemes. The upstairs roof deck is not 100% complete as of this posting, but according to inside sources you will be able stand in certain areas and the heating system will target you and not just the air around you. Crazy I know! The table vip areas have been re-done with new couch sections and now feature a lockable section where you place all your goodies and cellphones.

This is the week, Eyebar is coming back on the scene after major renovations. After the so-called massage parlor on the top floor got the boot. They took over the third level of the buidling. In coming weeks be on the lookout for dates for the opening of the brand new rooftop lounge area.

The Weekly Line Up is as follows - This schedule begins this week.

Tues: Hosted by: Akil Events -
Wed: Hosted by: Primo Productions -
Thurs: Hosted by: DC Impluse and Others
Friday: Hosted by: Nightlife Agency
Sat: Hosted by: Chuck Lee & Matt Sklar
Sun: - New Alt Night pending..

Eyebar DC
1716 I St NW # 1
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 785-0270

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