Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Grand Opening of Muse Lounge DC | Former RNR and Coyote Ugly Venue

Grand Opening of Muse Lounge DC
New Owners take over old Coyote Ugly/RnR Bar venue!

We are not sure if the address is haunted or just suffers for unknown reasons. This is slated to be the fourth incarnation of the venue at 717 6th Street. First it was a sports bar, then with much fan fare it became Coyote Ugly (or Ugly Coyotes) tried it turn at the venue and that flopped. Next new investors turned it into a hybrid bar/high lounge fusion that didn't work with crowds.

Nothing against the past ownership at the venue, but the concepts just didn't work. This was evident by the up and down of the crowds, even the urban events at the venue were lacking the needed numbers to become successful.

Now the venue's ownership has changed and the new ownership has a combined experience of 30 plus years in owning, running, and promoting D.C. lounges and clubs.

The new owners have taken the old Coyote Ugly/RnR Bar venue and completely turned it around with new upscale design and layout. With complete renovation on all three levels and the rooftop is slated to completed for later next year.

This will be truly the most drastic version of this address. On the first floor the bar has been shortened and all the old wood and walls that reminded you of Coyote Ugly/RnR have been removed and given a modern touch. Without giving to much away, the lighting has been drastically upgraded along with the sound system.

The first floor features a chandelier that is reminiscent of the one found in the The Park but with a touch of Sango Sho at Japone..if those last few confused you then read( it looks kinda cool).

The improved layout adds a lot of space to party in the venue compared to prior designs. Behind the bar multiple flat screens are perfect for happy hours and corporate events.

Brand new Deejay booths adorn all levels and all the table seating areas have been reupholstered with additional flat screens for the viewing pleasure of the table customers. Each of the floors feature settings with intelligent lighting display systems.

If the Grand Opening on Saturday night was any indicator of things to come but the future for Muse looks bright. Trust me you will be amazed at they did with this venue. We truly hope these guys are successful, for more reasons than one.

The Current Weekly Line Up for Venue:
- Latin Night (LUNES DE AZUCAR)
Wednesday - TBA
Thursday - 88 Collective - Grand Opening Nov 6th
Friday - SOKA (Asian Night)
Saturday - International House Night