Friday, October 17, 2008

Samatha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan @ Lotus Thursday

DJ Samatha Ronson & LiLo @ Lotus Lounge DC - CMN -
Thursday, October 16,2008

Known to many for her celebrity girl friend Lindsay Lohan and super producer brother Marc Ronson. This week she is lending her star power and amazing DJ skills to a red carpet event for an amazing cause. The Children Miracle Network and Patron and many others came together for this massive event.

On hand for the event was local DC socialies and trendsetters and many fans of Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan. The back vip section was backed with fans knowing that Lilo would make her way down the back VIP elevator to the DJ Booth. Becky Fund's Becky Lee and Miss 2006 DC Kate Michael partied in the VIP with the Washington Nationals mascot Teddy Roosevelt.

The buzz began early when Lilo and Ronson arrived in city via train from NYC. Paparaazzi was already in full effect once they departed the train.

The event was a huge success with the red carpet rolled out and backdrop ready for the event. After this event at Lotus Lounge DC, Samantha and Lilo were on their way to Baltimore where she had another DJ gig at Mosiac.

Even TMZ showed up for this event and filmed Lilo parting admist the barrier Lotus put up in the DJ Booth to shade Lindsay Lohan from the camera flashes.

Event Sponsors:

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