Friday, November 21, 2008

Playboy Swimwear Fashion Show at K Street Lounge??

Playboy Swimwear 2009 Fashion Show at K Street Lounge DC ??
Has K Street Lounge come to this, things might be slowing down over at K Street Lounge. We saw this promotion a few weeks ago, and were quite shocked to say to the least. With the its neighbors at Lima and Josephine doing brisk business K Street Lounge is trying a lot of things to get crowds back through its doors. After 3 years in business, this might be some of the signs of slowdown.

Recently a sizeable chunk of their management and front door staff transitioned to Indebleu in the Chinatown area. With the back VIP area on several night never evening opening, new promoters have stepped in to help the venue.

We remember the days when a fashion show at K Street lounge was almost next to impossible, but a few months ago Sir Ebong Eka squashed that and produced a amazing fashion event for charity and his amazing menswear clothing line. Moving away from the charity fashion show to this Playboy Swimwear Show marks a huge change in the way K Street projected its image.

K Street Lounge DC