Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rich Webb Memorial Benefit | Ultrabar DC | DC Clubbing

Rich Webb Memorial Benefit | Ultrabar DC | DC Clubbing | 6.23.2010

Friends, Family and Loved ones, unwilling to accept the circumstances that will bring us together this Wednesday. We are not gathering together to mourn, but rather to celebrate the life of our beloved friend Rich Webb.

We are throwing a benefit in the loving memory of Rich Webb! We ask that the suggested Donation will be 20$! 100%l proceeds from door & bar will go to the

Rich Webb family during this hard and stressful time!

WE are opening all floors and have close to 30 DJs in support of this event!

Saeed Younan
Dean Coleman
Sanath (mnml life w/ jubilee mo)
Alex Niko + Barbari
Justin Miller
Jon Deke
Roberto + Pete Moutso
George K + Phil C
DISTRICT IGINTION (LJ, Ramz, Ciconte, Christoff)
Roger Samuel
Ryan Mosel
Alex Haje
George B
Boris + Manifesto
Fred Maslaski + Dan Sampson
Mike Haddad + Royce Haven


And as much as it hurts to smile with a broken heart, here I remain. I’ll never forget the look in Rich’s eyes; a look of pure joy. It was impossible for himto hide his appreciation for how truly beautiful life can be. I know in my heart he will forever be smiling down upon us. And the only thing we can do is smile back. It’s what Rich would have wanted.

God Bless.