Wednesday, October 22, 2008

LIMA Resturant and Lounge DC | Renovation Updates

LIMA Restaurant and Lounge DC Renovation Updates

After an amazing two years in business, with crowds still lining up to enter the Latin inspired restaurant and lounge day and night. Nightlife maestro Masoud A and crew are redoing LIMA as you know it. If you have visited the venue in the past few weeks you may have noticed small subtle changes in the venue.

After this week the venue will be shut down for a short period and will reopen. All that I can say about the renovations, is that I honestly can say that if you enjoy Lima now you will enjoy it even more. Also make sure you stop by Lima this Thursday for DISCO SCREAM by Electro Rockers RNS and this night will be truly special because it will be the BDAY celebration for non other than Masoud A himself. Make sure you arrive early to ensure entry.