Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lima Restaurant and Lounge Introduces Late Night Dining

K Street Lounge King - Lima Lounge DC Announces Late Night Menu

As Lima's Public Relations Manager Bryan Davis would say: Lima is a "destination bar", the kind of place you go to relax, converse and connect with people. "People who come to Lima are those who want somewhere to really enjoy themselves and indulge for the night", he claims, "not those simply looking for a place to grab a drink or meet up before moving on to somewhere else."

With that in mind and so many K street patrons leaving the area after all the clubs and lounges announce last call. There is mass exodus from the area to Georgetown or Dupont circle for late night munchies. The creative mind behind the venue decided to capitalize on the trend and is now offering a special late night menu from 12am - 2am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Lima Restaurant and Lounge DC
1401 K Street NW DC